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We are looking for travel agents interested in promoting one of the most biodiverse places in the world: the Galapagos Islands.

Located in Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are a coveted tourist destination, a global benchmark for sustainability, and the quintessential hub of high-end services with great commissioning opportunities for all of our travel partners.

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We have the only platform designed for professional travel agents with specialized information on Galapagos, where you can find all the instruments that will give you a competitive advantage when selling Galapagos cruises.

Business Consulting

Our team of experts will guide you step by step on every necessary and most relevant data from our platform when commercializing a Galapagos cruise. We are available for you 24/7, you can contact us via phone call, e-mail, or online chat.

Technological Tools

Our platform is friendly, intuitive, and easy-to-use, providing you with a comfortable experience commercializing the Galapagos. In our platform, you will find detailed information about cruise services, itineraries, specifications, and much more.


You will receive personalized training by one of our knowledgeable professionals who will teach you the best techniques and methods to achieve your selling goals in the sale of cruises in the Galapagos.

How does it work?

Becoming our business ally provides you with the benefit of working on the schedule that suits you best, without being tied to a fixed schedule, being your dedication what determines your income.

An extensive knowledge base of the Galapagos at your service

With us, you will find all the information your clients need, from facts about the flora and fauna of the islands to descriptions of every visiting point of the National Park, as well as the policies, conditions of service, payment methods, terms & conditions of each of the yachts that our platform offers.

Your earnings are determined by what you sell

You don't have to invest a penny, we don't handle maintenance fees, and all of our services are free of charge. Once your client completes his tour, you will receive the commission generated by the sale of the services acquired through us. As simple as that.

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